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Feb 4, 2012 2:30am PST
with was his sister alexa. >> he september talking about the tooth of the paper. i didn't know people had teeth. that idea of starting out with something that had all the visual qualities of something in the offline world that people understand. and having it be the most beautiful version of that online. like hyper-real, hyper-luxurious. i understood it because he kept talking about it. that's all he was saying. >> reporter: alexa loved the concept. so in 2007, while james was still a student at harvard, they pulled money from their own savings to start paperless post. >> from inception to launch, we had a little bit of a slow road because i was in school for a lot of the time and building a team as a first-time entrepreneur was one of the most difficult things we had to do. it took us about a year and a half to get to a place where we could allow outside users to come on and use the site. >> reporter: the idea quickly took off, gaining traction and new customers every time someone received a paperless post invitation. jonah peretti, co-founder of "the huffington post," was so impressed when he
Feb 1, 2012 11:30pm PST
... are the invention of the devil. but you let me go to alexa's sleepover. yep. and you watched the hills have eyes, and you didn't sleep for six months. and when we drove down to bristol, you said the cotswolds were staring at you. but you always go out. we haven't been out for... nine months. you went out that time not long ago. to your parents' evening. yes, but when you came in... you smelled like pub. ben, i don't understand why you-- stop it! no. now, which one is it? ohh. but, ben, what i don't get-- stop playing with the gas, will you? what i don't understand is, why did you tie floella to the climbing frame by her plaits? 'cause i didn't want her to fall off. do you think i'm going to believe that? i don't know yet. well, we're just going out to celebrate the fact that your mum's got a new job. you're just going off and spending all the money on salad and beer. well... what's-- what's wrong with salad? it's too green. ben, you are-- thank you for waiting. hello? one of our operators will be with you... ohh. for a moment, i thought you were a real person. dad: are you sure that babysitter's
Feb 10, 2012 6:00am PST
of abuse. alexa is accused of kicking and slapping at least two of her preschool students at roosevelt elementary. an aide did not come forward until february 1. she is due in court in march. >> we'll find out why a principal was placed on leave and then escorted off school grounds. san jose unified said it well send out a letter to parents explaining why first year principal celia waite was removed. schellenberger is in the south willow glenn neighborhood. >> 6:36. a break from the news, get to look at that forecast right now with meteorologist christina loren. >> it's going to be nice, then the rain moves in as we head through your weekend. so get out and enjoy this spectacular start. our micro climates are kicking in. we actually had a few stray showers earlier this morning, that activity winding down at this point. now that the sun is coming out we'll start to warm up. a lot of pressure in the south bay. you're at 53 in san francisco. by tune the 60s, the mid-60s inland. 60 by the way. a little on the cool side but still not too shabby. 59 at noon. up to 60 later on today. here is
Feb 29, 2012 7:00am PST
. >> tambiÉn par -para alexa de nevada >> ashley de arkansas, quÉ hermosa, 10 aÑotes. >> maximiliano guevara de la florida cumple oo aÑos, felicidades. >> alexis quinteros, cumple ocho aÑos, felicidades a todos los mexicanos. >> gonzalo de 11 aÑos de edad, el dÍa de hoy festeja. >> carolina, felicidades hasta perÚ, 6 aÑos. >> ¡felicidades! se preguntarÁn por quÉ traemos desde bigote, resulta que se estrena la pelÍcula basada en el lord. >> ahora sÍ va a bailar con nosotros bigotÓn y todo el asunto, con ambiente futbolero, bailamos la canciÓn del chicharito. ♪ ♪ el chicharito, rito, rito, rito ♪ (risas) >> ¡abajo! iabajo! >> mueve la colita... ♪ >> venga acÁ... Échele. >> pues paren... (risas) ♪ el chicharito >> ¡eso! ¡miss meche! ♪ >> seÑores quÉ rico, bigotÓn hay que ir a una pausa. say estÁ haciendo una transformaciÓn. >> y tenemos tambiÉn inmigraciÓn, Éste caso, ella fue deportada ahora estÁ casada con un ciudadano estadounidense, ¿podrÍa ser deportadas y las autoridades enteran de su antecedente? >> por supuesto que la alegrÍa continÚa en despierta
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)